The church was built after land was deeded to the congregation. The Christian Science church had been housed in another church building on Washington Street from 1926. In 1965 the church was awarded the Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce Beautification Committee Award.


  • Long and linear forms, with a clear delineation of program elements in the auditorium, board room/reading room, offices, and Sunday school wing
  • Emphasis on natural light through the depth of all space, with views to the landscape at all non-auditorium spaces.
  • Extensive built-ins, including benches, shelving, and storage in non-auditorium spaces
  • Extensive use of masonry throughout
  • Placement of auditorium on the diagonal to position attendees as near the center of the space as possible and to extend the visual area


  • Original, operable Andersen windows throughout
  • Original, colored leaded windows in three of the corners of the auditorium
  • Original wooden ceiling in auditorium (cupola glass has been covered due to water infiltration)
  • Original brickwork throughout including stack bond on interior side of Sunday School wing and decorative brick elements on exterior of auditorium
  • Original coffered ceilings at entry, offices, and Sunday School wing, which were recently painted
  • Original chairs in the Sunday School wing