The house was a traditional ranch built in 1950s.

The house was built for Fletcher and Mary Lowe, according to Greenville County real property records. Past owners include Julius and Sally Drake, William
Bshor, Jr., the MWB & Co., Christopher and Rhonda Bates, and Robert and Margaret Talor.

It had extensive hidden termite damage and water rot because of the stucco that once covered the exterior. The current owners, who have owned the home since
2021, gutted it to the studs. The project included raising the roof structure to both raise the height and reorient the direction of the roof ridge.


  • Floating porch cover
  • 40-foot beams run from the front porch to the back of the home to support the floating porch feature
  • The roof line on both the left and right sides of the house match in height and angle for conformity
  • The color scheme carries throughout the home’s interiors and exterior
  • Mennonite handmade kitchen cabinets (they were made with a magnetic closing system to hide any handles)
  • Double garage doors allow for easier access and flow of guests for backyard and pool parties


  • While the home’s design and its features were chosen as construction progressed, the construction timeline had to parallel Sobhaninia’s pregnancy. That’s
    because the couple set a goal to have the renovation completed so they could move into the home before the end of nine months. Completion of the project
    came one day before their baby was born.
  • The rug frames were brought from Persia and handmade by Sobhaninia’s family. The wood-look siding was made by Sagpiper, a Canadian company,
    and imported from Canada to be a low-maintenance exterior cladding.