This home was originally designed in 1966. In the 18 months that followed, discussion with the homeowner and Architect rearranged the floor plans to the home seen today. Several interior renovations over the years with subsequent homeowners have additionally revised the original floor plan.


  • Many walls of glass to blur the lines between inside and outside.
  • Fascinating elevation change between the living room and master bedroom featuring a full-length piano hinged door.
  • Yes, small kitchens were a thing at one time – Early kitchen design focused on efficiency, with the aim of helping women get tasks done as quickly as possible. For this, a small kitchen was actually desirable!


  • The original proposed plan generated with graphite on sketch paper is available to see as well as a reproduced set of the revised final house plans.
  • It appears that the “future pool” as indicated on the early drawings will finally be built by the current homeowner.