This brilliant example of mid-century modern architecture features a horizontally dominant design strongly influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and his mid-west contemporaries.  The deep overhangs and exterior cladding of Indiana Limestone further accentuate the home’s horizontality. Presenting a stately but private façade facing the street, the home opens up woodland and lake views on the rear side of its one and half acre terraced lot.  

The architect, Charles Potter, AIA, was a graduate of Clemson University’s Architecture Program, and operated out of the North Main neighborhood – with offices located on Wade Hampton Blvd. and his personal residence on E. Avondale Drive.  Potter originally designed the home for local drug store owner, J.E. Shaw, Jr and his wife, Gloria to include all the bells and whistles of the era. Clever features exist throughout the home, including a ‘Baptist Bar’ with integrated folding panels that allowed the owners to hide their spirits from their teetotaler guests, and innovative technology for the time includes whole-house lighting control capability from the Master Bedroom.  Yet, perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the home is the considerable Brazilian Mahogany paneling on walls, ceilings, and built-in features.